Monday, October 28, 2013

Chronicling Newtown Graffiti

If you are ever wandering around Newtown, like it seems we currently have a taste for, you definitely need to check out the hilarious graffiti depicting children's books in Denison Street. This is only a small, tame taste of what the quirky street art has to offer,with the black humour, extending to over 20 different titles. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chronicling the Night Noodle Markets

After a long and tiring Friday at university, we decided to go to Hyde Park where we had heard the "Night Noodle Markets" were being held. About a quarter of the huge park is fenced off for this Asian festival, filled with lanterns, food stalls, entertainment and what seemed like a lot of seating (but wasn't). We grabbed some Thai and sat down on the covered floor with a group of friends and took in the surrounds. 

Before heading to the markets, we thought that sparklers would be an entertainment fix deep into the night. So we each took a couple and spent far too long being amused by the smallest beacons of light. The Night Noodle Markets are definitely a must for fellow Sydney siders, but get in quick because they close on Saturday, October 26, 2013. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chronicling Newtown

On a spontaneous Friday morning before uni started, we decided to unwind by going on an impulsive exploration of Newtown in Sydney’s inner west. We had passed the extensive graffiti filled streets on a regular basis but have never taken the time to physically go through them. 

So we decided to finally divert from King Street, Newtown’s infamous thoroughfare, and walk through the hidden streets on the opposite side of the train line. We found some really quirky and amusing graffiti and abandoned sites, leading to our walk going a lot further than anticipated. 

After a couple of hours of exploring, we decided to head back to Café C on King Street and design our own juices. The morning was quite unexpected and a great break from the assignments that were awaiting us back home so we definitely recommend it for any other procrastinators out there.