Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chronicling Crown St, Surry Hills

The best thing about going to university in Sydney's CBD is that we are surrounded by inner-city suburbs like Surry Hills, that have transformed from a working man's area to modern and creative hubs for Sydney's most artistic talents. On this abnormally warm winter's day, we decided to explore its main thoroughfare, Crown Street, and ended up enjoying ricotta pancakes and a vegetarian bagel in an old converted terrace house at the Ampersand Cafe and Book Store. If we had a minimum of $1 million to spare, then we would definitely live here, savouring every kind of cafe at our doorstep. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chronicling Jess' Spring Finds

Window-shopping online is even harder than the usual kind of window-shopping. You don’t simply walk away from the store containing that gorgeous, unobtainable purchase you’ve been lusting over for the last 5 minutes, rather the window (or tab) will be staring at you 24/7 and can reappear with a click of the mouse, haunting and breaking you down until you crack! Ok slight over exaggeration, but what makes the whole online shopping phenomenon even worse right now, is that we are in August which means the weather is a tad bipolar, but all the new arrivals online are beautiful pastels, florals, chiffons and lace.

So here’s a collection of some of the items that have been haunting and breaking me down the last couple of days. Most likely a little too pretty and cutesy worn altogether, but I’ll definitely be sneaking a bit of ‘spring’ into my dark, wintery outfits over the next few weeks. 

Pink Bustier, Pants and Jacket (Ginger and Smart: Shapeshifter SS 2013: Unavailable for purchase yet)
Floral Blouse (Topshop)
Beige and Silver Slipper Shoes (ASOS)
Floral and Bird Trousers (Oasis)
Embroided One- Piece Swimsuit (Jets by Jessika Allen)
Flower Ring Set (Forever New)
Tea Cup Necklace (ModCloth)
Black, Grey and Pink Panel Dress w/ Waist Belt (Review)
Knitted 'Egg' Jumper (Topshop)
Butterfly Cat- Eye Sunglasses (zeroUV)
Key Change Wallet (ModCloth)
Rouge Coco Lipstick in '39 Paradis' (Chanel)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chronicling Hyde Park

During our university breaks, we find there is nothing better than escaping our concrete surroundings and taking the 20 minute walk up to Sydney's relaxing, Hyde Park. Hyde Park is infamous for it's Archibald Fountain and the Anzac Memorial, amongst many other intricate bronzed statues and is the perfect place to unwind amongst fellow university students or business people who seek composure in their chaotic surroundings.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

Chronicling Surry Hills

Our break, away from chaotic university life, lead us into the backstreets of Surry Hills where one's love for graffiti, art and peanut butter iced chocolates are prerequisites for entry. Creativity thrives in these alleyways from the liberally decorated terrace houses, to the unconventional and earthy cafes, inspiring the imaginations of even the most conservative of us. Definitely a great place to relax, despite being so close to the chaos of Sydney's CBD.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Chronicling Monday Morning Motivation

As we all feel a little worse-for-wear on this cold Monday morning in Sydney,   we have learnt that sometimes all you need to get you through the week is a little inspiration. Enjoy some of our favourite quotes that help get us reenergised and maintain motivation throughout the week. xo