Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chronicling the MTV Summer Party

On Thursday night, we attended the MTV Summer Party in Sydney's historic Town Hall. The night started out well with us meeting Big Brother's 2013 winner, Tim Dormer (who was unfortunately not in his skeleton onesie) in the long line to get in. We then headed past the Justin Bieber imposter into the incredibly transformed venue. The roof was covered with inflatable pool toys, whilst the centre of the floor was an elevated dance floor that resembled a pool. Bikini clad and topless male models roamed the venue, alongside other Aussie celebs like Lincoln Lewis, Nathan Jolliffe, Tim Dormer and Mikkayla Mossop. 

Throughout the night, sweet tunes were played by Elly K on the dance floor to create the heavy Summer vibe throughout the moderate Spring night. Straight after Elly K had finished her set, Peking Duk came onto the main stage playing a supporting set that did not stop anyone from dancing. Finally, the anticipated 360 bounced onto the stage with deafening welcome screams being heard throughout all of Sydney's CBD. Our front row view allowed us to not only get a good close up of this Aussie rapping icon but get some good pics as well, with 360 himself regramming our image and MTV using it on their own site. All in all, the night was incredible, resembling a perfect summer pool party in one of Sydney's most prestigious venues in the middle of the CBD.

♫ ♪ Run Alone- 360 ♫ ♪

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chronicling Rainy Days

Sydney has been experiencing some pretty miserable weather lately, and it looks like it will continue for the next couple of days. Here are some quotes and imagery that highlight the very few positives that come with rainy days: tea, puddles, bed socks, books, rainbows, tea, the hope that spring/ summer will return... and more tea.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chronicling the Mr Black Launch Party

On a humid Friday night, we headed to aMBUSH Art Gallery’s trendy exhibition space in Sydney’s inner-southern suburb of Waterloo for the official launch party of Mr Black's Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur.  Admittedly, we both knew very little about Mr Black but were eager to try this award winning beverage, with our caffeine addictions being at an all time high during this stressful time in the semester.

As soon as we arrived, we headed to the industrial-styled bar and were given our first Mr Black beverage, the Black Americano. The taste exceeded any of our pre-determined expectations and for a good portion of the night, we were lining up for more. Mr Black’s refined taste, allows all of us coffee-lovers to now fulfill our caffeinated cravings socially with friends after dark.

The night’s eclectic atmosphere was enhanced by the Eat Art Truck and DJ Mr Belvedere, providing sweet food and tunes for the night. The crowded gallery was filled with stunned attendees, watching artists Dale Bigeni, Sprinkles and Ronstoppable, painting live on the gallery's bare walls (seen above). The art was not only evident at the event, but transferred onto Mr Black's packaging, with the unexpected image depicted on the bottle, only visible once consumed. This is a forewarning for those purchasing the reasonably priced liqueur in the future; the image is so awesome that it may strongly encourage you to drink excessively to see the whole thing.

All in all, this launch party paralleled the trendy, artistic and fresh taste of Mr Black perfectly.  When this gem starts distributing to an array of Sydney bars, we know that it will determine where we socialise in the future. 

So our verdict is, that if you are a self-confessed coffee-lover that doesn’t want to comprise your cravings with your social life, then you need to try this liquid gold, yesterday. You can purchase Mr Black at the link below and follow their Facebook and Instagram to keep updated.

Who said your love for coffee has to stop after 10am?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Chronicling our Inspiration Wall

During these busy times at university where assignments and exams start piling up and overshadowing our social lives, we look to our favourite photography and music for some creative release. This post features works from some great photographers and lyrics from the song “Youth” by Daughter, who we currently have on constant replay.