Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chronicling Passenger

As you may have guessed by the obvious title and images, Liz dropped any set plans as she headed to the northern boardwalk of the Sydney Opera House to see Passenger perform a free busking gig. As a self-confessed Passenger fanatic and beard lover, it was not an option to miss this rare opportunity, with Liz arriving in town before the destination was even announced. 

The location was picture-perfect with Sydney’s finest weather emerging for the talented singer with the luscious beard. As Liz walked around the sails to see the stage hours before he was scheduled to perform, her eagerness proved to be beneficial when Mike himself was doing a sound check. Her awkward attempt to avoid annoying him and asking for a photo were surely squashed when he casually started talking to his dedicated fans and playing the likes of Bruce Springsteen to test the amplification of his inimitable voice.

When it finally came to his time to perform, the crowd had multiplied with hundreds flocking to the picturesque location. Despite the large numbers, you could hear a pin drop amongst the mesmerized audience. Mike’s ridiculously mellow attitude and hilarious sarcasm brought laughter out of the polite bunch. Not one person sat during the entire 60 minute set, with some fans originating from his busking days in Pitt Street Mall. Mike’s husky vocals and acoustic set made the crowd fall even more in love with the lyrical genius. He sang many new songs set to be released in his upcoming album, Whispers, a perfect progression from All the Little Lights.

If one thing came out of today, it was that Passenger is a rare talent that has somehow remained humble and grateful to all of his fans. If anything, today made everyone slightly depressed that we all still have to wait until June 10th to get our hands on his new album. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that this lyrical genius will bring his Whispers tour down under at the end of the year as we await for dates to be confirmed...

P.S. We just added the image Passenger uploaded onto his Facebook, that Liz managed to just scrape into!
P.P.S. Passenger also commented to Liz about this blog post!! *insert high pitched squeal*

 ♪ Whispers - Passenger  ♪♫

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chronicling Giuliana Rancic

On our very first day of the short-lived, mid-semester "holidays", we could not reject the idea of seeing Fashion Police host, E! News Personality and reality show star, Giuliana Rancic at Westfield, Sydney. We admittedly have quite the girl-crush on the fashion risk-taker, and her incredible Willow outfit did not disappoint. Not only was she overwhelmingly lovely and beautiful, but she took time with all of us keen fans that had been waiting throughout the morning for her arrival. 

It was an exciting morning, from watching various Australian designer garments strut down the red carpet, to seeing the gorgeous Jackie O and the anticipated, Giuliana. The crowd was (mostly) lovely and hung onto every word of Giuliana's throughout the Q&A session. The hour-long visit from the star flew by as she talked about fashion, her picture-perfect family, her recent breast cancer battle and opposed the rumours of traditional Hollywood "bad girl", Joan Rivers. 

We had a great time listening to such an inspirational and successful women, ending the day with a walk through Sydney's, Angel Place. We have our finger's crossed that Giuliana makes her second visit to Sydney in the near future, continuing her blossoming long-run association with Westfield. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chronicling The Grounds of Alexandria

We are constantly saying to one another that we need to go to to the Grounds of Alexandria, and we are happy to say that it has definitely lived up to the hype and reputation it has garnered in the two years since its opening. It was a truly unique dining experience and one that goes far beyond just food. Even arriving mid- morning on a weekday, the establishment was bursting with life and filled with everyone from mums who had dropped their kids off at school to the cool, hipster- types taking advantage of the very instagramable surroundings. One of these being the market stalls that host a range of baked goods such as breads, cakes and tarts (which looked almost too good to eat), and also fresh lemonade, fruit and flowers, such as the mesmerising rainbow coloured roses pictured above.

As we waited for a table, we took the time to explore The Ground's rustic and industrial charm, including the outdoor eating area, which has a separate BBQ shack, the gardens where fresh produce is picked daily and used in the restaurant's dishes, the tractor truck, and one of our personal favourites: the animals, including the pig named Kevin Bacon.

We then had coffee and lunch in the cafe, which proved to be flavoursome, fresh and very filling. We would definitely recommend taking a visit to the Grounds and allowing time to explore all the iconic destination has to offer.

The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A, No.2 Huntley St 
Alexandria NSW 2015

Geronimo- Sheppard