Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chronicling the MTV Summer Party

On Thursday night, we attended the MTV Summer Party in Sydney's historic Town Hall. The night started out well with us meeting Big Brother's 2013 winner, Tim Dormer (who was unfortunately not in his skeleton onesie) in the long line to get in. We then headed past the Justin Bieber imposter into the incredibly transformed venue. The roof was covered with inflatable pool toys, whilst the centre of the floor was an elevated dance floor that resembled a pool. Bikini clad and topless male models roamed the venue, alongside other Aussie celebs like Lincoln Lewis, Nathan Jolliffe, Tim Dormer and Mikkayla Mossop. 

Throughout the night, sweet tunes were played by Elly K on the dance floor to create the heavy Summer vibe throughout the moderate Spring night. Straight after Elly K had finished her set, Peking Duk came onto the main stage playing a supporting set that did not stop anyone from dancing. Finally, the anticipated 360 bounced onto the stage with deafening welcome screams being heard throughout all of Sydney's CBD. Our front row view allowed us to not only get a good close up of this Aussie rapping icon but get some good pics as well, with 360 himself regramming our image and MTV using it on their own site. All in all, the night was incredible, resembling a perfect summer pool party in one of Sydney's most prestigious venues in the middle of the CBD.

♫ ♪ Run Alone- 360 ♫ ♪

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