Monday, December 9, 2013

Chronicling Styling a Photoshoot

For the last three weeks, I completed a Summer school elective for my fashion degree, called 'Contemporary Fashion Styling'. One of the major components was to style and shoot an eight page editorial for a magazine in groups of five. We were given a pretty ambiguous brief and the target market of successful, relatively wealthy, 35 year old women, leaving us with ample room to experiment. We decided to keep the styling pretty minimal and used light and neutral colours to represent our concept of 'Sounds of Silence'. We also chose items that are not conventionally 'cool' e.g. crocs and a hat with a back flap, and shot them on someone 'cool' in order to generate new trends.

We woke up at 4 am, to start setting up on Cockatoo Island at 7am and found out Angelina Jolie was directing her latest film on the Island as well, and had blocked off half the site! We were slightly devastated that we didn't spot Jolie, but all in all we were really happy with how the shoot turned out.


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