Friday, April 18, 2014

Chronicling Giuliana Rancic

On our very first day of the short-lived, mid-semester "holidays", we could not reject the idea of seeing Fashion Police host, E! News Personality and reality show star, Giuliana Rancic at Westfield, Sydney. We admittedly have quite the girl-crush on the fashion risk-taker, and her incredible Willow outfit did not disappoint. Not only was she overwhelmingly lovely and beautiful, but she took time with all of us keen fans that had been waiting throughout the morning for her arrival. 

It was an exciting morning, from watching various Australian designer garments strut down the red carpet, to seeing the gorgeous Jackie O and the anticipated, Giuliana. The crowd was (mostly) lovely and hung onto every word of Giuliana's throughout the Q&A session. The hour-long visit from the star flew by as she talked about fashion, her picture-perfect family, her recent breast cancer battle and opposed the rumours of traditional Hollywood "bad girl", Joan Rivers. 

We had a great time listening to such an inspirational and successful women, ending the day with a walk through Sydney's, Angel Place. We have our finger's crossed that Giuliana makes her second visit to Sydney in the near future, continuing her blossoming long-run association with Westfield. 

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