Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chronicling Newtown + Joe Moore

So, as Liz exited her teenage years we decided to head to Newtown for some celebratory coffees and Thai. After wandering the eclectic King Street from cafĂ© to restaurant, we decided retail therapy is a must on her 20th birthday. 

Little did we know, our trip to Topshop turned into us sitting on the floor of Sydney’s busiest shopping strip, Pitt Street Mall, listening to the most amazing busker either of us had ever come across. His name is Joe Moore and his rendition of “Dream Catch Me” was the start of our new artist fascination. After hearing him sing some favourites like Coldplay, to ironically singing Travis’ “Why Does it Always Rain on Me” at the same time that Sydney started pouring down, we were hooked. 

It wasn’t even a question to buy his “Busking EP”and after spending the best $10 we ever have, his version of the Coronas was left on repeat for days. Not only does Joe have the voice of an angel, but he isn’t too hard on the eyes either with his unexpected British accent making girls drop all over Pitt Street. This busker is not only a “karaoke” type; he additionally sings his own personally written songs that make half the artists in existent look inferior. His lyrics are heartfelt, catchy and memorable and once combined with his voice, it’s utter perfection. If you are like us and love his amazing song writing ability/voice/accent/look/smile/everything then you need to check out his Youtube channel to listen to our favourites, “Symphony” and “I’m Not Leaving”. 

Also, check out his Facebook page to keep updated with his “very soon” to be released EP and busking times in the CBD because we have a feeling that when the EP is released, Pitt Street will become one massive crowd for Joe Moore.