Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chronicling Pitt Street

Unlike many other Sydney-siders, we love the hustle and bustle of our city and travel a fair way from our quiet hillside homes to be amongst it. Pitt Street is the epicenter of all the action in Sydney, with an array of shops, cafes and people changing everyday, making it one of our favourite places.  

We usually head to Pitt Street to grab a coffee and explore what the day has to offer us and this day proved to offer the miscellaneous occurrences we love. As we wandered from busker to busker, the infamous Blue Man Group took in our local talent and gave us all a good laugh. Their inability to speak makes them cross cultural and generational, catering for the varying humours of the wide audience of Pitt Street Mall. They not only provided the crowd with a smile but even buskers, Joe Moore and Jack Man Friday, with an unforgettable busking experience. 

After all that entertainment, we decided to head to Sydney’s historical Victorian Style shopping arcade, the Strand Arcade. The Strand Arcade houses some of Australia’s most iconic fashion labels and it’s beautiful lacework verandahs make even walking around the building, a beautiful and worthwhile experience.  

To finish off a random day, we headed to Ichi Ban Boshi for lunch, a favourite Japanese restaurant hidden above the busy streets of Sydney in the CBD. Sometimes the wait can be upwards of half an hour, but every minute is worth it with their well-priced meals and huge portions being a favourite amongst locals. 

The beauty of Pitt Street Mall's architecture and people, influence creativity amongst any and everyone that walk amongst it. This is where the roots of Birdseye Chronicles lie and you can find us writing our posts with coffees in hand, in the middle of this crazy shopping strip in our spare time.