Monday, July 8, 2013

Chronicling Paddington + Walsh Bay

Today we explored some of our favourite places in Sydney, in a new light. Amongst Sydney’s rich history and culture, we found ourselves between the vibrant terrace lined streets of Paddington at the Ampersand CafĂ© and Bookstore. This unpolished gem sits in the heart of the arterial route of Oxford Street offering coffee, food, novels and art in one small, delicious package. 

We then headed deep into Sydney’s CBD, where the concrete jungle of high-rise office blocks are embellished with fifty suspended birdcages above Angel Place, called ‘Forgotten Songs”. This tranquil thoroughfare then guided us to our next destination, the serene waterfront location of Walsh Bay, where everything old has been rejuvenated. Amongst the renovated Maritime wharves are the cultural theatres, performing arts arenas and restaurants, with a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour. Within the few kilometres we explored today, we experienced the dynamics that make up the beautiful cultural mosaic of Sydney.